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Tools, Installation, Operation and Maintenance

Safe, efficient operation of any product is inherently dependent upon its proper installation. Correct installation procedures are further promoted by providing dimensional information associated with a variety of Parker Autoclave Engineers tube connections as well as the torque required to properly seat numerous Parker Autoclave Engineers components.

Several tools developed by Parker Autoclave Engineers are presented to help accomplish proper valve, fitting and tubing installation and maintenance.When installing or maintaining any pressure component,common practice dictates the use of proper safety equipment at all times.

Please contact KC controls for more information on tools, installation, operation and maintenance of Parker Autoclave products.

KC Controls HB series Ball Valves  Tools Installation Operation & Maintenance Data Sheet

manual coning
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Manual Coning and Threading tools 

  • Parker Autoclave Engineers manufactures a manual coning and threading tool for optimum performance with tubing sizes up to 9/16” (14.3 mm) outside diameter.
  • These precision quality manual tools permit on-site end preparation for Parker Autoclave Engineers medium and high pressure tubing installations.

coning and coning
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Coning and Coning & Threading tool kit 

  • Parker Autoclave Engineers offers coning kits as well as coning and threading tool kits.
  • Each kit consists of the required tools, and other items necessary for your coning or coning and threading needs.
  • All kit items are placed in a hand-carry tool case with top tray.

Hydraulic sleeve
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Hydraulic Sleeve set tool 

  • The Parker Autoclave Engineers hydraulic sleeve set tool is designed for use with the QS Series glands, sleeves and Autoclave tubing
  • This tool is required to set the sleeve for the 9/16” and 3/4” sizes and suggested for the 1/4” and 3/8”sizes.

coning and threading machine
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Coning and Threading Machine 

  • Coning and Threading of Parker Autoclave Engineers Medium and High Pressure Tubing.
  • Separate heads for coning and threading are powered by a single motor and drive system.  
  • New design collet / support system allows for easier coning and threading of long tube lengths.


Hydraulic tube bender
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Hydraulic Tube Bender 

  • The Parker Autoclave Engineers hydraulic tube bender is designed to bend heavy wall tubing and provide fast, accurate and reliable bending with only one setup.
  • The tube bender is complete with pump, cylinder, frame and bending shoes which are self contained in a portable, lockable case. 

Available for hire
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Tool Hire 

If you have any queries you can call KC Controls on 01293 538940 or send us an e-mail to