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ABB FEP500 Series Process Master

Process Master
KC Controls HB series Ball Valves  FEP300 ProcessMaster Data Sheet
KC Controls HB series Ball Valves  FEP500 ProcessMaster Data Sheet

The modular design of the Electromagnetic Flowmeter ProcessMaster offers the industry’s widest range of liners, electrodes and sizes to meet the needs of even the most demanding process applications. Delivering value in sectors as diverse as chemical, power, oil & gas, pulp & paper and metals & mining.

The powerful transmitter is easy to use and provides the output signal that meets your needs.
With ProcessMaster 500 you get a versatile, reasonably priced, most accurate flow meter tailored for your applications. A flowmeter with extended functionality and options. A meter with a short delivery and a simple and clearly understandable documentation.

  • Highest measurement accuracy
  • Intuitive navigation and configuration
  • Backlit, high-contrast and configurable display
  • Detailed diagnostics for rapid decision making
  • Standard HART protocol
Intuitive Navigation



Intuitive navigation and configuration

The user-friendly interface allows quick and simple data entry for all process parameters. "Easy Setup" guides the operator step by step through the menu to set parameters as fast as possible. With the softkey functionality, the configuration is as simple as using a mobile phone.

Superior control through advanced sensor design

Revolutionary self-cleaning and double sealed electrodes enhance reliability and performance.

Using a higher excitation frequency combined with advanced filtering, ProcessMaster improves measurement accuracy by reducing fluid and electrode noise. This results in a better product quality and higher reliability.

High temperature design in combination with a reinforced PFA liner improves vacuum stability, prevents potential liner deformation and makes ProcessMaster a perfect fit for all hot-fluid applications.

Industry optimized linings such as hard rubber, soft rubber, PTFE, ETFE and PFA ensure resistance to abrasion and chemicals. ProcessMaster offers an IP 68 (NEMA 4X) optimized sensor design.

    Powerful and flexible transmitter

All product versions utilize a common electronics cartridge to lower inventory costs and spare parts. This same cartridge can be deployed in integral and remote installations - including hazardous area locations - and features active/passive current and pulsed outputs. Standard HART protocol enables online modification and monitoring of parameters.

The backlit, graphical display can be easily rotated through 270° without the need for any tools, allowing field teams to customize the display that best fits their needs. "Through-the-glass" control allows local operator interface to input short, quick data for all user specific parameters.

The universal ABB Human Machine Interface (HMI) simplifies operation, maintenance and training; thereby reducing cost of ownership and providing one common user experience. 

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