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Benefits of Filtration to your Brewery

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According to CAMRA(2015), the number of UK Breweries has boomed in recent years and the range of beers on offer is the best in the world. It's important for breweries to maintain the quality and standard of their beers in order to compete within this big industry. There are many process stages involved in brewing beer and one of the most important stage is Filtration.

Filtering beer helps to remove the small impurities, yeast, tannins and other large proteins that contribute both to off flavours and haze. Our range of Parker Domnick Hunter filters covers some of the key stages of filtration and they are the following:

Prepor NG - Pre filtering of the beer
PREPOR NG filters has been specifically developed to remove yeast and particulate such as filter aids and haze components. The superior level of retention ensures that a consistent quality of brew is delivered to bright beer storage whilst also offering a greater level of membrane filter protection during cold stabilization

Bevpor PH - Final filtering for microbial stability of the beer
BEVPOR PH filters have been designed as a cost effective solution to beer stabilization by providing increased process control with increased operational efficiency. The fresh taste and shelf life of the beer is preserved while the membrane provides validated microbial retention to typical spoilage organisms.

High Flow Bio-X - Ideal for Sterile Gas filtration
With the help of Sterile gas filtration a brewery can effectively reduce batch contamination, spoilage and product loss. The specially developed PTFE impregnation process imparts greater strength and permanent hydrophobicity to the borosilicate microfibre media. 
All the filter cartridges can be steam sterilized in-situ, therefore low cost on maintenace and the materials used in these filters are compliant with Food and Beverage applications. 

Please visit our Filtration portfolio or give us a call on 01293 538 940 to find out more information on the range of products available. 


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