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The Brewing Process (3 of 3)

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In the final part of this series, we will look at the last stages of the brewing process. Once again, if you would like to briefly go through the previous emails then please click on the following links: Part 1 or Part 2

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By using a TurbiScat at stage 10, you can accurately measure the turbidity after sheet filtering. It is particularly important in a modern brewery that a high quality is reached and that this high quality is then continuously ensured.

Even if colour does not have the same significance as turbidity, certain processes during the production of beer necessitate the measurement of colour in the process therefore it would be ideal to use the ColourPlus in-line at stage 11.
At the filling station of a brewery, the ultimate goal of an efficient product switch is to do this job swiftly (stage 12). At the same time, the amount of pre-running and post-running beer should be reduced to an absolute minimum. This goal will be achieved by the implementation of an interface monitor PhaseGuard.

Beer is a product which tends to become turbid as a result of its composition (high protein contents for the foam). In the course of time, tests were developed simulating ageing. The results of this simulation have to be measured with a laboratory turbidimeter like a LabScat without opening the bottles since such tests last for several days / cycles.
  TurbiScat                 ColourPlus In-Line          PhaseGuard          LabScat
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