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Slick Sleuth

Slick Sleuth Oil Detection systems are used for real-time detection of oil leaks and spills. The UV-fluorosensor is used to detect a wide range of oils & petroleum derivatives which include crude oil, fuel oil, turbine oil, motor oil, jet fuel as well as food oils, process oils and many others. 
Slick Sleuth SS100
  • 1 - metre above surface detection.
  • Used in storage tank & terminal facilities.
  • 4-20 Analog & Alarm relay outputs for interface with industrial PLC
Slick Sleuth SS300
  • 5 - metres above surface detection. 
  • Wide variety of Industrial & Marine application
  • Most popular & versatile system available in the market today.
Slick Sleuth SS320
  • 8 - metres above surface detection. 
  • Typically used for pier installtion at marine terminals.
  • Stainless housing with optical window & watertight fittings for added protection.
Slick Sleuth SS360 Rig Guard
  • 20 - metres above surface detection. 
  • Designed for use on offshore platforms and rigs.
  • Can detect crude oil, diesel and oily-water from slop tanks on the ocean surface.
With non-contact detection, maintenance costs are low, meaning no more costly refurbs or time consuming deep-cleans of your units. Payback occurs within a single detection, making the Slick Sleuth systems highly cost effective.

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