Exploring ABB's Turbidity range - 10/04/2018


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Sensors and Transmitters for monitoring the key paramaters in municipal and industrial water / wastewater treatment

Aztec AWT440

The AWT440 is a multi-input transmitter for use with up to 4 ABB digital sensors.

Analysis and signal conditioning is conducted with robust sensor housing and transmitted digitally to the AWT440 transmitter where measurement data and diagnostic information is recorded and clearly viewed on the full colour graphical display.

Features & Benefits:


  • Connect up to 4 digital Sensors - saving time, installations costs and space
  • Optional digital communications including Ethernet, Profibus DP, or MODBUS
  • Secure data archiving to SD card or USB stick


Aztec ATS430

ATS430 is a MCERTS approved sensor capable of measuring turbidity and total suspended solids (TSS) concentrations up to 4000 NTU or 100,000 mg/l.

The ATS430 is suitable for pipe, tank, open channel or flow-cell installation. It is even suitable for use in harsh applications.

Features & Benefits:

  • No servicing for the lifetime of the sensor
  • For high fouling environments an automatic wiper is used to maintain accuracy. 
  • Adaptive TSS calibration feature for improved process control
  • EZLink plug-and-play digital sensor connection - saving time during installation, commissioning and maintenance 
  • Enhanced measurement accuracy due to minimal electrical noise interference.


The AWT440 is a multi-input transmitter for use with up to 4 ABB digital sensors.

Analysis and signal conditioning is conducted with robust sensor housing and transmitted digitally to the AWT440 transmitter where measurement data and diagnostic information is recorded and clearly viewed on the full colour graphical display.

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