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HART Interfaces

ifak isHRT USB Hart Communicator

  • The interface isHRT USB is designed to provide a communication link between a desktop computer or PC notebook and the HART field device
  • The PC can be taken into the field and connected with the HART network within seconds thanks to the USB plug & play features.
  • Mobile data acquisition as well as parameterisation are preferred operational areas.
  • The interface is housed in a compact shell that attaches securely to the USB port.

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ifak isHRT USBeX Hart Communicator

  • ATEX Certified
  • The USB modem supports the HART specification standard
  • The interface is available with opto-isolation to the HART network.
  • The communication does not interfere with the normal operation of the field device.

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ifak the H@rt BluePack Hart Communicator

  • The H@rt BluePack is a versatile interface which supports wireless (Bluetooth) and wired (USB) access to a HART network.
  • Additionally to its modem capabilities the H@rt Blue- Pack runs an embedded HART master stack.
  • This can be of considerable advantage if using the interface in multi-master environments or in connection with burst-mode slaves
  • The interface can be powered via the USB connection or 3 replaceable AAA cells.

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