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 Globe/Cage Guided Control Valves

Globe/cage style valves for ANSI Class VI shutoff through 6" (DN150) in size. Jordan Valve manufactures globe and cage style control valves in a variety of materials from carbon and stainless steel to alloys and even PVC and PVDF.

Mark 78
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Mark 78 Series Globe Style Control Valve

Designed for accurate performance and simplified maintenance. Can be used on a variety of applications including viscous/corrosive liquids, process gases or utility steam in process or utility service.

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Mark 60
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V1C Series Cage-Guided Control Valve 

Offers high pressures and tight shutoff with the use of standard spring-diaphragm actuators.

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Mark 44
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Mark 44 Series Adjustable Cam Valve

Used to control the flow of fuel oil to a burner

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Mark 2000
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Mark 2000 Series Angle Seat On/Off Control Valves

An intelligent positioner offering precision control of both rotary and linear style control valves. Offers comprehensive diagnostics and high level customization with quick configuration and simple ease of use.

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