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Flared Cone Connection

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Flared Cone Connection – The Latest High Pressure Instrument Tube Connection Designed Specifically for Needs of the Oil & Gas Industry.

Designed for working pressures as high as 22,500 PSI (1,550 bar), the new 'flared cone' technology advances the performance of compression style tube connections. It provides users with a simple and reliable means of speeding the assembly of instrument tubing systems for use in higher pressure applications in the oil and gas industries.

  • flared cone design prevents tube ejection and incorporates redundant second seal for enhanced reliability.
  • very short make-up time: up to 5 times faster than traditional cone and thread.

Parker Autoclave Engineers has taken a variety of in-house technologies and has created a patent pending simple to make connection using easy-to-use tools that is as safe as a Cone & Thread connection without any of the vibration sensitivity. Using just a hydraulic press and two dies, the connection is made using a similar pre-set process as the Parker MPI (Medium Pressure Inverted) and Autoclave Engineers QSS (Quick Set Series) ferrule style connections with one extra step that flares the tube. This extra step gives the tubing the flare shape that prevents tube extraction and creates the first of two redundant sealing surfaces.

New Faster Tube Connection Technology For Medium Pressure Applications 

Posted by Jon Bradbury, Field Sales Manager

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New Faster Tube Connection Technology For Medium Pressure Applications - Parker Hannifin, Instrumentation Products Division Europe. Offshore Rig

The demands on instrumentation systems designed for offshore applications continue to mount inexorably. There is a renewed focus on safety and reliability, driven by high profile accidents such as the Macondo/Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, but cost is also an increasingly sensitive issue, especially in light of the ongoing slide in world oil prices. On top of this, as the oil and gas industry strives to recover product from deeper and less accessible reserves, instrumentation systems need to be capable of operating at much higher pressures. One area of concern is the type of connections that are used for small bore valves and tubing, especially on subsea equipment designed for long life cycle projects. There is a growing need for a more cost-effective, high integrity connection system for medium pressure instrumentation applications.


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