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Fire house
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Our local Fire station boasts an in-house Fire house, which is used as a training simulation for firemen to train and provide them with first-hand experience of dealing with highly variable environments including elevated temperatures and radiant thermal flux.

The fire house consists of several rooms, stairs, balcony etc. along with burnt up furniture and appliances scattered around the area to create a chaotic environment. The main concern for the council was that the Fire house could potentially exceed temperatures of 400°C , which in turn could affect the health of the firefighters that are training in there. 


We took on this job and placed multiple Temperature sensor probes in the fire house, which will detect the temperature within that area at all times. This real time data is transmitted through fire proof data wires and into an SM500 digital recorder. The data will always be saved within the SM500 so anyone can access it and see historical data stored within it. 

The data stored within the SM500 is then transmitted through a point to point wireless transmitter, which sends all the data to a handler away from the fire house and in a secure location. The handler can then analyse the data in real time and make the appropriate decision to pull their team from the fire house if the temperature exceeds 400°C. It’s important to us that we use state of the art systems and data transmitting recorders therefore providing the handler with superior accuracy at all given times. The handler will have access to all the temperature data from each room and monitor if certain rooms are exceeding the set temperature. 

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