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ABB FAG3500 Glass Tube Flowmeter

KC Controls HB series Ball Valves  FAG3500 Data Sheet

The wide variety of float weights and meter tubes allows the Glass Tube Flowmeter FAG3500 to be matched precisely to the required flow range. The FAG3500 has a replaceable metering tube with O-ring seals.

The standard meter in sizes ½ to 2 in. uses the beaded tube design, in which three beads in the tube wall – and parallel to the tube axis – guide the float, locating it exactly in the centre of the tube. Special high-capacity floats are available that are guided via a central rod within plain (non-beaded) tapered tubes. Keeping the float in the centre of the tube using these methods ensures high reproducibility.

  • Optional polycarbonate safety shield to protect the user if the meter tube bursts
  • 180° visibility of float position
  • O-ring seals for the meter tube
  • Tube & float exchange without removing meter body from the line
  • Alarms: Min., Max., Min. & Max.
  • Large selection of flow ranges

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