ABB FCB400 and FCH400 Coriolis Flowmeter


KC Controls HB series Ball Valves  FCB/FCH400 Information
KC Controls HB series Ball Valves  FCB/FCH400 Data Sheet

Highest measurement accuracy, easy installation and handling, compact and space-saving design

The new meter offers  

  • Easy to measure mass and volume flow, density, temperature and concentration with only one meter
  • Easy installation due to space saving design
  • Easy to reduce lifetime costs: minimum pressure loss, no moving parts, maintenance free design
  • Easy to reduce maintenance due to self draining design:no fluid residues remain in the meter
  • Easy to integrate and operate: modular transmitter approach with up to five simultaneous outputs, ABB common user interface and sensor and application memory

The CoriolisMaster is designed to provide easy handling and low maintenance.

Sensor and application memory

The unique sensor and application memory concept stores all relevant meter and application data, calibration factors,user settings and totalizers undetachably with the sensor.Any possible change in electronics can be done at a minimum of effort. ABB has taken this idea one step further and also stores all relevant firmware of a remote transmitter solution with the sensor, making sure that only type approved firmware is used.

Maintenance free design

As CoriolisMaster has no moving parts inside the fluid, it is virtually maintenance free.

Self draining meter design

The meter design allows for self draining installations preventing any media or solid residues in the meter tubes. It is the better alternative to many other meter solutions.

Compact meter design

Its small length and height as well as its light weight makes the meter easy to install and easy to handle. Especially with larger meter sizes, installation time can be reduced significantly.

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