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The Many Colours of KC Controls...
(Hazen, Lovibond, EBC, ASTM)
The Many Colours of KC Controls ( Hazen, Lovibond, EBC, ASTM)
For many production processes in the chemical industry, colour is an important parameter in defining the quality of the product, be it the exact colour value, the requirement of an ideally colourless product or the colour range in a specific production step of a product.

In the chemical industry, decolouration occurs in fluids such as paraffin or naphta or colour measurement in hydrocyanic acid, oils, and fuels.

Moreover, colour or absorption measurement can be used to determine the concentration of specific substances by their characteristic absorption, e.g. in copper or chromium solutions for plating processes or ozone concentration in air.

With 60 years of experience in process measurement, KC Controls with our Partner and Sigrist offers the ColorPlus as the state-of-the-art in-line colour monitor. The well-proven dual-beam technology with measuring and reference beam enables an accurate and stable measurement by eliminating other process influence. All of this in real time and without laboratory testing delays or costs.
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